The Sounds Return with ‘Things We Do For Love’

Jesper Anderberg is keeping busy back in Malmö, Sweden. Pandemic or not, he’s tending to a new arrival: his new baby, the second for The Sounds guitarist-keyboardist. Already on parental leave, Anderberg had time off during the beginning of this year, but was set to tour in April and May before COVID-19 shut everything down. It took seven years for The Sounds to finally release their sixth album Things We Do For Love, then just as it was ready, the global pandemic hit, postponing the band’s 2020 tour. 

“It was kind of sad that when we finally got to release the album after seven years this happens,” says Anderberg. “It will happen. I can promise you that, but when I don’t know because of restrictions. I can’t really keep track of what’s going on because you have so many different states in the United States.”

So much has happened in the The Sounds world since 2013’s Weekend. A season of change, it was the beginning of new era in a sense since the Swedish new wave rockers flashed onto the scene with 2002 debut Living in America. Now, most of the band have started families. Singer Maja Ivarsson has a five-year-old son, and Anderberg is already on his second child—and even broke from songwriting to study computer engineering for three years.

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