Zella Day Evokes Disco Daze and ’60s Mod Spies on “My Game”

Visions of bunnies, chainmail dresses, and Donna Summer danced in Zella Day’s head. These figments of her imagination—partially a result of sipping too much rosé —are a snapshot into Day’s artistic psyche. Glitter and shiny lamé, psychedelia, ’60s spy movies, and unapologetic retro gaud are part of the artist’s reincarnation, all unraveled on her upcoming EP, Where Does the Devil Hide (Easy Eye Sound/Concord Records).  

Produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, the EP, a follow up to 2015’s KickerWhere Does the Devil Hide (August 28) is a collection of five songs written and recorded in four days that reveal Day’s chameleon-like musical exploration.

“It’s its own microcosm of music,” Day tells American Songwriter. “‘My Game’ is nothing like ‘People are Strangers,’  which is nothing like ‘Purple Haze.’ There’s a little something for everybody and a little something for myself, to set myself up for success. It’s about playing the music and being excited to experience the highs and lows, the mountains and the valleys of the subject matter, so that when I’m playing the music live, there are shifts in the energy and dynamics that I can get lost in.”

Read More – American Songwriter

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