Swans Founder Michael Gira Talks Band’s 15th Album, ‘Leaving Meaning,’ And 13th Lineup: ‘This New Mutation Is Unique’


That’s Michael Gira’s dry response when asked if Swans’ latest release, Leaving Meaning (Oct. 25, Mute/Young God Records), was intentionally produced with tracks that average fewer than 12 minutes — which isn’t the norm for some of the experimental act’s more epic, atmospheric-crashing chants, like the 30-plus-minute “Bring the Sun” or “The Seer.” In fact, with Swans, very little is intentional; all just comes together.

Granted, there was a different dynamic within the most recent era of the band (2010-2017). It was the most solid lineup Swans had ever had, admits Gira, but everything comes to an end. That version was dissolved, and Swans have returned in yet another form for their 15th studio album. 

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