racquel Jones, a commentary on Ignorance

Racquel Jones cuts to the chase. There’s no time to waste. The sole flow of her musical consciousness is summarized by a commentary of a dozen individual stories in song. Addressing the burdens of religion and racism, the glorification of black women, incessant misogyny, and more on debut IgnoRANT (Magnetic Moon), the Jamaican songwriter, model (and former Miss Jamaica Universe contestant), visual artist, poet, and longtime collaborator of electronic duo Thievery Corporation, is a braver soul facing the more taboo and hush-hush topics pervading society.

IgnoRANT is Jones’ creed for social cognizance, change, and some form of communicative balance in a world that’s just, well, ignorant. A follow up to her 2015 debut single “Wonder When,” and subsequent singles, IgnoRANT excavates the after effects of religion from sermonized “Invocation,” and its continued damages on “Sacrilege,” and “Doxology” and her own mental health crises on “Manic,” singing, “It’s an intricate enigma so you’ll never get my rhymes. I’m way ahead of my time, several centuries ahead, already outlived this generation when my fetus was an egg.” Dispelling the insinuation of “Daddy Issues” on the sexually charged track of same name, “Heartless” takes on the plight of black people versus a corrupt system, “Jungle” faces the fetishization of women of color and the discrimination Jones experienced first-hand in fashion and modeling on the empowering “Queen.”

“My approach to all the records is to be very intentional with what I want to say,” says Jones. “So for this one, I chose it to be a commentary on stereotypes, and the types of people that are normally subjected to stereotypes.”

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