Psychedelic Furs’ Richard Butler on the Darker Drops of ‘Made of Rain’

It’s cold in St. Louis, but that’s to be expected during a Midwest winter. On the south side of town in what appears to be an old storefront is where The Psychedelic Furs chose to reconvene at Sawhorse Studios, and nearly 30 years after their last release, 1991’s World Outside, to record their eight album, Made of Rain (Cooking Vinyl).

Nearly three decades is a good chunk of time, but there was really no reason why it took The Psychedelic Furs this long to make new music. Releasing new albums every two to three years since their 1980 self-titled debut, the band always kept a momentum, before things petered off in the early ’90s. In the band’s hiatus, Richard Butler tapped into his alt-rock side project Love Spit Love, along with brother and Furs bassist Tim Butler through 1997, before regrouping The Psychedelic Furs in 2000.

“I don’t know whether we needed that break, but we took it anyway,” says Richard Butler. “We didn’t feel there was really an urgency to make a record. It wasn’t like we had to make a record yesterday. It just happened when it did. We had the idea and said ‘let’s make a record,” and then it all came together.”

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