• Guillermo del Toro on Moral Message of ‘3Below’

    Enter one of Guillermo del Toro’s worlds: oppressed “beings,” extraterrestrial bounty hunters, a Glenn Close-voiced “Mothership,” and royal teen aliens that must save “their” planet. This is 3Below, the second chapter in the DreamWorks animated trilogy, Tales of Arcadia, created by the director and executive producers Rodrigo Blaas, Marc Guggenheim, and Chad Hammes—also working on the… Continue Reading

  • Todd McFarlane Teases New ‘Spawn’ Movie

    Todd McFarlane is having a good Comic Con. He wouldn’t know a bad one if he attended it. “Every Comic Con is great,” said McFarlane. “You just sit there and people stand in line to say nice things to you.” McFarlane took a NYCC break to chat with Geek.com about the bogeyman, bringing back “Twisted Fairy… Continue Reading

  • Steve Aoki Shares His ‘Neon Future’ Universe

    “Neon Future” is more than the word to Steve Aoki. It’s tattooed on his arm and also the title of his trilogy of albums of the same name beginning with 2014’s “Neon Future I,” “Neon Future II” (2015), and Aoki’s upcoming third installment (“Neon Future III”)—there’s even a fourth on the way in 2019. Sci-Fi, technology,… Continue Reading