• How to Boost Brain Power

    You forget where you left your car or house keys. Everything your boss is saying went in one ear and out the other. It happens to the best of us. Stress, age and life as a whole can lead to loss of concentration, forgetfulness and more serious memory loss, but adding a few good things… Continue Reading

  • A Piece of NY Punk History in Florida

    A pop / Neo-Dadaist artist who moved from mixed-material art pieces to Grammy-winning cover art for the Talking Heads (“Speaking in Tongues”) before settling on Captiva Island, Florida, and a Mexican-born artist who came to the East Village and created one of the most iconic band logos, The Ramones, Robert Rauschenberg and Arturo Vega never… Continue Reading

  • 5 Reasons You Feel Old

    Maybe you remember when the floppy disk was the holder of all things important, or you still can’t believe that Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio is just as old today as Mr. Miyagi was when the first film came out. Perhaps, you still don’t know either of these references. Whatever your age, there are some… Continue Reading

  • Beyond Paris: Champagne and Burgundy

    Let’s get one thing straight: Paris is an essential city for any traveler. That said, too often Americans limit their French getaways to the City of Light and fail to explore the charming town nearby. There northeast cities in the Champagne and Burgundy regions are less than two hours from Paris, accessible via Rail Europe… Continue Reading

  • How to Eat Like a Viking

    North of the Mediterranean—way north—there’s another eating routine that’s geared toward guys who want more energy, better performance and extra longevity. Read More – Men’s Journal